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The behavior of the COVID-19 pandemic during the three peaks registered in Cali has been heterogeneous, and the severity of infections and deaths has varied over time.  Cali, with 2.2 million inhabitants, is the third most populated city in Colombia; as of November 21, 2021, it has recorded 285 thousand confirmed cases and 7,474 deaths due to the infection. The vaccination plan against SARS-CoV-2, which was started in February, has immunized 1.54 million people in Cali.

As in the rest of the country, the development of the vaccination plan in Cali coincided with the third peak of the pandemic, the most lethal and prolonged; as well as with multiple social mobilizations of hundreds of protesters who crowded the streets, between May and June 2021, protesting against an unpopular tax reform enacted by the national government. In Cali, the vaccination plan was also affected by lack of access to health services and vaccination points due to blockages registered in different zones of the city. At the end of the third peak, the country faced difficulties in continuing with the vaccination plan due to barriers to accessing vaccines in the international market.

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