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Williams-Beuren syndrome has an estimated incidence of one case in every 10,000 births. It is secondary to microdeletion of a fragment in the long arm of chromosome 7, which contains several candidate genes for the characteristic phenotype of typical facies, supravalvular aortic stenosis, and variable mental retardation with a friendly personality. This article focuses on the report of two cases, with classic but varied phenotypic findings, of this syndrome for which molecular diagnosis with fluorescent in situ hybridization was available. Additionally, we suggest a protocol for complementary studies needed to characterize each patient.
Vargas, C., Saldarriaga, W., Pachajoa, H. M., & Isaza, C. (2011). Williams-Beuren syndrome: Report of two cases with molecular diagnosis. Colombia Medica, 42(4), 523–528.


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Received 2011-11-23
Accepted 2011-11-23