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Objectives: To investigate serum and urine levels of Alphamethylacyl-CoA-racemase (AMACR) and Netrin 1 in patients with and without prostate cancer and to determine whether these markers could be used as alternatives in diagnosis of prostate cancer instead of serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels.

Methods: One hundred and seventy five patients between 45-75 years to whom transrectal ultrasound guided biopsies were performed for abnormal serum PSA levels or digital rectal examinations were included. The levels of AMACR and Netrin 1 levels of blood and urine samples of 5 mL those were taken prior to biopsies were measured.

Results: The mean age of the patients was 62.7 ±6.4 years. Prostate cancer was detected in 40 patients (22.8%) while 135 of them (77.2%) were diagnosed as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). In BPH group, serum and urine levels of AMACR and Netrin 1 were 13.4 ±16.9 ng/mL; 7.1 ±3.4 ng/mL; 164.1 ±46 pg/mL and 19.5±5 pg/mL respectively. The levels of serum and urine levels of AMACR and Netrin 1 were 10.2 ±9.8 ng/mL; 6.8 ±2.5 ng/mL; 159.1 ±44.1 pg/mL and 20.1 ±5.3 pg/mL respectively in prostate cancer group. There was no statistically significant difference or correlation between these two groups serum and urine AMACR and Netrin 1 results

Conclusions: Serum and urine levels of AMACR and Netrin 1 were not found to be alternatives for serum PSA levels in the diagnosis of prostate cancer in this study.

Koseoglu, E., Tuncel, A., Balci, M., Kaya, O., Aslan, Y., Guzel, O., Meric Yilmaz, F., & Atan, A. (2018). Netrin 1 and Alpha-Methyl Acylcoenzim-A Racemase in diagnosis of prostate cancer. Colombia Medica, 49(2), 164–168.


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