Colombia Médica philosophy is that all research is for the benefit of humankind. Research is the product of an investment by society and therefore its fruits should be returned to all people without borders or discrimination, serving society universally and in a transparent fashion.

That is why Colombia Médica provides online free and open access to all of its research publications. For more information on open access click here.

Open Access funder and institutional mandates: Colombia Médica is fully compliant with open access mandates, by publishing its articles under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY NC ND) license. Funder mandates such as those by the Wellcome Trust (UK), National Institutes of Health (USA) and the Australian Research Council (Australia) are fully compatible with publishing in Colombia Médica. Authors retain copyright of their work and can deposit their publication in any repository. The work can be freely shared and adapted provided that appropriate credit is given and any changes specified.