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Before a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 became available, several measures to control COVID-19 pandemic are necessary. Analogously, in the absence of an available vaccine, Combination HIV Prevention Programmes have consolidated a large experience of biomedical, behavioral and structural interventions suitable for several epidemiological settings. Adaptation of such experiences can organize mid-term and long-term responses to face COVID-19

Ricardo Palacios, Clinical Research and Development Manager, Division of Clinical Trial and Pharmacovigilance, Instituto Butantan São Paulo, Brazil


Clinical Research Medical Director.  Instituto Butantan, São Paulo, Brazil



Physician, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

PhD in Infectious Diseases, UNIFESP / Escola Paulista de Medicina

Social Scientist and Specialization in Bioethics, University of São Paulo

Investigation area

Development of vaccines, bioethics.

Recent Articles.

  • Shah SK, Miller FG, Darton TC, Duenas D, Emerson C, Fernandez Lynch H, Jamrozik E, Jecker NS, Kamuya D, Kapulu M, Kimmelman J, MacKay M, Memoli MJ, Murphy SC, Palacios R, Richie TR, Roestenberg M, Saxena A, Saylor M, Selgelid MJ, Vaswani V, Rid A. Ethics of controlled human infection to study COVID-19. Science (80- ). May 2020: eabc1076.
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  • Palacios R, Shah SK.When could human challenge trials be deployed to combat emerging infectious diseases? Lessons from the case of a Zika virus human challenge trial. Trials. 2019 Dec 19;20(Suppl 2):702.
  • Palacios R. Forgotten, but not forgiven: facing immunization challenges in the 21 st century. Colomb Med (Cali). 2018 Sep 30;49(3):189-192.

Augusto Mathias, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


Universidade de São Paulo, Facultad de Medicina, Departamento de Medicina Preventiva, Programa de Salud Colectiva, São Paulo, Brasil



Psychologist, FMU;  Biologist, UNESP

MSc in Preventive Medicine, Universidade de São Paulo

cPhD Preventive Medicine Program, School of Medicine, Universidade de São Paulo

Clinical experience.

Clinical Psychologist with emphasis in psychoanalysis

Investigation area

HIV, HIV Prevention, Gender Sexuality Minorities, Social Determinants of Health, Illicit Drugs

Selected Items.

  •  Mathias A, Santos LA, Grangeiro A, Couto MT. Síntesis temática de estudios cualitativos de prevención del VIH en hombres que tienen sexo con hombres (HSH). Colombia Medica, v. 50, p. 201-214, 2019.
  • Santos LA, Couto MT, Mathias A, Grangeiro A. Hombres heterosexualmente activos, masculinidades, prevención de infección por VIH y búsqueda de profilaxis posexposición sexual consentida. Salud Colectiva, v. 15, p. e2144, 2019.
  • Ferraz D, Couto MT, Zucchi EM, Calazans GJ, Santos LA, Mathias A, Grangeiro A. AIDS- and sexuality-related stigmas underlying the use of post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV in Brazil: findings from a multicentric study. Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, v. 27, p. 1650587, 2019.
  • Avelino-Silva VI, Miyaji KT, Mathias A, Costa DA, De Carvalho Dias JZ, Lima SB, Simões M, Freire MS, Caiaffa-Filho HH, Hong MA, Lopes MH, Sartori AM, Kallas EG.CD4/CD8 Ratio Predicts Yellow Fever Vaccine-Induced Antibody Titers in Virologically Suppressed HIV-Infected Patients. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (1999), v. 71, p. 189-195, 2016.
Palacios, R., & Mathias, A. (2024). Learning from combination HIV prevention programmes to face COVID-19 emerging pandemic. Colombia Medica, 51(2), e–4276.


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Received 2020-04-08
Accepted 2020-04-18
Published 2024-05-16