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PAHO is the oldest international public health agency. It was created in 1902 as a mandate from a regional group of countries. Besides currently serving as WHO´s Regional Office for the Americas it is the specialized health agency for the Organization of American States (OAS); thus it must render accountability at two levels. PAHO is intimately linked to the development of regional health in the Americas and, therefore, to societal development in the countries from which it is composed. A new Director has been elected this year, Dr. Carissa Etienne, who will guide the institution for at least the next five years.Thus PAHO is experiencing a period of change, a period of great relevance for defining the architecture, operation and agenda of the organization. The new role of the organization will be formed from the definition of the political action agenda, generating broad consensus on regional and global levels, as well as the public record of the health priorities and actions of the institution. Transforming the needs, the desires into effective public policies and communicating effectively its achievements and aspirations, will not only increase its support but legitimize its technical authority. This can be distilled as capacity for leadership.
Bernardini-Zambrini, D. (2024). The Pan American Health Organization: New challenges, new roles, new responsibilities. Colombia Medica, 44(1), 5–6.


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