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Obesity has reached pandemic proportions in recent years. Not only adults suffer from the disease, but increasingly children and young people. One of the main causes of overweight and obesity is excessive food intake, in particular heavily processed carbohydrates. Obesity alters multiple organs, including the salivary glands, bringing functional alterations with it. Among researchers, the relation between obesity and tooth decay, periodontal disease and xerostomia is being debated. More and more scientific reports are drawing attention to the changes in the microflora of the oral cavity during obesity.

All changes are closely related to the morphological and functional alterations of the salivary glands. This article review presents the current points of view regarding the impact of obesity on the health of the salivary glands, and how changes their functions influence other structures in the oral cavity.

Roa, I., & del Sol, M. (2024). Obesity, salivary glands and oral pathology. Colombia Medica, 49(4), 280–287. (Original work published December 28, 2018)


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