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Case description:

A young male patient with a complete section of the ulnar and radial arteries preserved the perfusion of the hand through an anatomical variant, the median artery, identified by angiotomography.

Clinical Findings:

A wound in the distal third of the left forearm with present pulses and adequate hand coloration. An angiotomography of the upper left limb showed a median artery originating as a continuation of the anterior interosseous artery and ending in the palm of the hand with an incomplete superficial palmar arch.

Treatment and Outcomes:

Ligation of both radial and ulnar arteries was performed. It was not possible to follow up with the patient.

Clinical Relevance:

Forming the superficial and deep palmar arches, the irrigation of the hand comes from the ulnar and radial arteries, which can compromise the viability of the limb when injured. The median artery is present in 0.6-21.1% of the population, originates from the anterior interosseous artery (branch of the ulnar), accompanies the median nerve in its path and ends in the palm joining the superficial palmar arch. Diagnostic imaging is a key tool for assessing arterial circulation and characterizing upper limb vascular lesions. Knowledge of the anatomical variations of the arterial supply of the hand, including variability of the superficial palmar arch, is crucial for the safety and success of hand surgeries.

Daniel Raúl Ballesteros Larrota, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Facultad de Salud, Especialización en Cirugía Plástica Estética y Reconstructiva. Bucaramanga, Colombia


María Andrea Calderón Ardila, Universidad del Rosario, Escuela de Medicina, Ciencias de la Salud, Especialización en Radiología. Bogotá, Colombia


Luis Ernesto Ballesteros Acuña, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Facultad de Salud, Departamento de Ciencias Básicas. Bucaramanga, Colombia


Calderón Ardila, D., Ballesteros Larrota, D. R., Calderón Ardila, M. A., & Ballesteros Acuña, L. E. (2024). Traumatic injury of radial and ulnar artery with perfusion of the hand through the median artery: a case report. Colombia Medica, 52(2), e5024521. (Original work published May 26, 2021)


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Received 2020-08-28
Accepted 2021-05-13
Published 2024-04-26