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Introduction: Cell lines and primary cultures are a useful tool for studying basic biology, development and therapy responses in cancer and nervous system tumors.
Aim: To establish and characterize a human glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) derived cell line as an in vitro biological model to study nervous system cancer chemotherapy and gene therapy.
Materials and methods: A resected tumor piece was obtained from a patient with clinical and histopathological diagnosis of GBM. It was processed to obtain viable cells to culture and histological sections, which were immunostained to glial fibrillary acid protein (GFAP) and S-100 protein (calcium binding protein) and to evaluate expression of apoptosis related proteins p53 and Bcl-2. Finally a cytogenetic evaluation was carried out.
Results: Histopathological examination confirmed classic findings of GBM. Typical cytomorphological features of GBM were found in cells of the primary cultures: bipolar or unipolar cells, flat fibroblastoid cells, process-bearing cells with scant cytoplasm and 3 or more processes. It was found a differential expression of the four markers, which had a nuclear and cytoplasmatic staining pattern throughout studied subcultures. Cell line exhibited a high level of aneuploidy with modal chromosomal number between 43-45, with presence of poliploidy (55-102 < 4n>, XXYY) and endoreduplication (end 45, X, -Y).
Conclusion: It was established a GBM derived cell line with a stable phenotype, maintaining morphological cell and cytogenetic characteristics.

Carmen Lucía Roa, Universidad El Bosque

Profesora Asistente, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad El Bosque, Bogotá, Colombia.

Gloria Osorio, Universidad Javeriana

Profesora Asociada, Instituto de Genética Humana, Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia.

Gerardo Aristizábal, Universidad El Bosque

Profesor Titular, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad El Bosque, Bogotá, Colombia.

Jaime E. Castellanos, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Profesor Asistente, Instituto de Virología, Universidad El Bosque. Facultad de Odontología, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia.
Roa, C. L., Osorio, G., Aristizábal, G., & Castellanos, J. E. (2007). Initiation and characterization of a glioblastoma multiforme derived cell line. Colombia Medica, 38(1), 52–60.


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