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Introduction: In the relation between doctor and patient is the doctor who determines the type of relation and the benefits that they could offer to the patient. This is possible only when the doctors are gentle, delicate, loving, comprehensive and give hope at the time of communicating a diagnosis, without concerning of the gravity of the disease. If the diagnosis is expressed with coldness, the patient will lose their forces to face the moment that is living and the diagnosis will become a sentence. It is more lethal what is said and how is said, than the same disease.
Objectives: To know clearly as doctors or professionals of the health who are nongenerating of health, but instruments of a science. Give patients the autohealling power by letting them know that their mind is an instrument and not.
Conclusions: The physical or mental disease is the result of everything that the mind processes from the relations with relatives, the friends and the outer world, that’s why it is not possible to focuse a diagnosis and its treatment only supported in the result of the diagnostic aid, it is also important to explore the emotional and mental status of the patient. The hope, the intention and the determination are not simple mental status, they have Connections electrochemistries that play an important role in the operation of the immune system.

Diego Saa, Universidad Libre

Jefe, Unidad de Neumología Pediátrica, Hospital Infantil Club Noel. Docente, Departamento de Pediatría, Escuela de Medicina, Universidad Libre, Cali, Colombia.
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