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Introduction: Inherited hemoglobinopathies are common among African Blacks. In Buenaventura, a city on Colombia’s Pacific coast, where 92% of the population is Afro-Colombian, there are few published attempts to identify these disorders. Affected individuals require more health care due to higher morbidity and mortality. Early identification of these newborns followed by comprehensive care is important to reduce co-morbidities.
Objective: To study newborns and establish the numbers at risk with a bloodspot screening method. This information will demonstrate to Public Health Authorities the need to provide care  for  this  population.
Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study of a sample of 399 newborns (95% CI) where there is an expected prevalence of 10% of abnormal hemoglobins. Mothers in at least the 36th week of gestation, living in  the urban area of Buenaventura, were used. Umbilical cord blood was drawn and specimens fixed on filter paper and stored at 4°C. Isoelectric focusing electrophoresis assays were used to separate the hemoglobins. The results were reported according to the identified hemoglobin as F, A, S, C, D, and G.
Results: We processed 399 samples, 353 (88.5%) were normal (hemoglobin FA), 23 (5.8%) were heterozygous for hemoglobin C (FAC), 19 (4.8%) were heterozygous for hemoglobin S (FAS), 2 (0.5%) were heterozygous for hemoglobin G (FAG), 1 was heterozygous for hemoglobin D (FAD) and 1 was heterozygous combined S and C (FSC).
Conclusion: Hemoglobins S, C, D, and G are common among infants born in Buenaventura. Hemoglobin C occurred more frequently than in other reported studies. This study  suggests that both detection and a follow-up program are                 required in areas with a high density of Afro-Colombian population.
De Bernal, M., Collazos, A., Bonilla, R. D., & Tascón, E. P. (2010). Determination of the prevalence of hemoglobin S, C, D, and G in neonates from Buenaventura, Colombia. Colombia Medica, 41(2), 141–147. Retrieved from


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