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Introduction: Although the association of infection by toxoplasmosis with the development of nephrotic syndrome is

uncommon, cases of this association have nevertheless been reported in the literature for more than two decades, not only

for congenital toxoplasmosis, but also in acquired cases, and occasionally in immunocompetent patients.

Development: A case is presented of an immunocompetent patient aged 15 with clinical and laboratory indications of

nephrotic/nephritic syndrome, in whom serological tests showed toxoplasma infection.

Conclusion: The presentation of nephrotic syndrome in ages where it is not commonly seen, leads to clinical suspicion of

secondary causes. Active search for possible causes should include

common tropical infections.


Tania González Velásquez, residente

The authors state that no financial support or author involvement with organizations with financial interest in the subject matter exists, and that no actual or potential conflict of interest exists.

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Received 2011-06-15
Accepted 2011-10-11
Published 2012-09-28