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We greatly appreciate the interest shown in the article "Clinical differences between children with asthma and rhinitis in rural and urban areas", which we hope will be one of several future articles that we intend to carry out in the study cohort. To the questions generated by the reader, one is focused on the calculation of the sample size, while the other two questions are focus in the method of analysis, and the reader suggests, it could be more robust.

Regarding the sample size, we describe that infant asthma in urban areas of Medellin was 11% and rhinitis 23%, according to previous studies. There is no data available for the rural area. We note that with a confidence level of 95%, a power of 80% and a sample size error of 0.5%, the sample size was calculated; estimating 201 children for the urban area and 128 for the rural area. Finally, we recruited and were able to continue for a year, a total of 248 children from the urban area and 134 from the rural area. The complaint of the reader, is focus that the more appropriated technique would be "… the appropriate sample size calculation must have been the difference of means between two independent populations, although the authors did not report any ACT effect size based on previous studies."...

Sánchez, J., Sánchez, A., & Cardona, R. (2019). Authors Response: Clinical differences between children with asthma and rhinitis in rural and urban areas. Colombia Medica, 50(1), 47–48.


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