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Case description:

A 5-year-old girl presented to the emergency department with a history of foreign body ingestion. A cervico-thoracoabdominal radiograph demonstrate a foreign body in the esophagus, which seemed to show a double rim sign suspecting a button battery. After an emetic episode and expelling a coin, the child became asymptomatic. Close inspection of the X-ray demonstrated that the image was formed by superimposition of 3 circumferential objects of different sizes. Another X-ray observed the persistence of two superimposed objects.

Clinical findings:

The girl presented with sialorrhea, odynophagia, and nausea. Vital signs and physical examination were normal. There was no significant medical history.

Treatment and Outcome:

With the suspicion of multiple impacted esophageal objects, the patient was then taken to the operating room. During the flexible esophagoscopy 2 coins were found in the esophagus, both were removed without difficulty. The patient had an uneventful postoperative recovery and there have been no long-term complications.

Clinical relevance:

Unusual radiographic findings regarding esophageal foreign bodies have been reported, however, we describe the first case of a child with 3 coins impacted in the esophagus and a new radiological finding in foreign bodies ingestions that allow to avoid misdiagnosis and improve outcomes.

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Published 2023-05-04