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Stomach cancer is among the most frequent, is a leading cause of mortality in low- and middle-income countries. Assessing its survival is important to guide evidence-based health policies.


To estimate stomach cancer survival in Colombia (2014-2019) with data from the national Cancer Information System (NCIS) and in Cali with data from the Cali Population Cancer Registry (RPCC) (1998-2017).


NCIS estimated the overall 3-year net survival for 8,549 people, while RPCC estimated 5-year net survival for 6,776 people.


The 3-year net survival was 36.8% (95% CI: 35.5-38.1). Net survival was higher in people with special insurance (61.7%; 95% CI: 44.8-74.8) or third payer (40.5%; 95% CI: 38.7-42.3) than state insurance (30.7%; 95% CI: 28.7-32.8). It was also higher in women and people diagnosed at early stages. Multivariable analysis showed consistency with survival estimations with a higher risk of death in men, people with state insurance, and diagnosed at advanced stages. In Cali, the 5-year net survival remained stable in men during the last 20 years. In women the 5-year net survival in women increased 8.60 percentage points, equivalent to a 50% increase compared to the 1998-2002 period. For 2013-17, it was 19.1% (95%CI: 16.2-22.2) in men, and 24.8% (95% CI: 20.4-29.3) in women.


Population survival estimates from the RPCC were lower than those observed in the NCIS. The differences in their methods and scope can explain variability. Nevertheless, our findings could be complementary to improve cancer control planning in the country.

Luis Eduardo Bravo, Registro Poblacional de Cáncer, Cali, Colombia


Juliana Alexandra Hernández Vargas, Cuenta de Alto Costo


Paola Collazos, Registro Poblacional de Cáncer, Cali, Colombia


Luz Stella García, Registro Poblacional de Cáncer, Cali, Colombia


Ana María Valbuena, Cuenta de Alto Costo


Lizbeth Acuña, Cuenta de Alto Costo


Bravo, L. E., Hernández Vargas, J. A., Collazos, P., García, L. S., Valbuena, A. M., & Acuña, L. (2023). Survival in stomach cancer: analysis of a national cancer information system and a population-based cancer registry in Colombia. Colombia Medica, 53(4), e2025126. (Original work published December 20, 2022)


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Received 2021-12-06
Accepted 2022-10-05
Published 2023-06-08

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