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Purpose: Clinical features in a case of acute retinal necrosis are described as well as its diagnostic approach and response to early treatment.
Methods: This is a descriptive and retrospective study case report of a 26 year old male patient who arrived to the emergency room with a three day history of sudden visual loss in the right eye (RE). At initial evaluation a visual acuity of hand movements in the RE, 20/15 in the left eye (LE) and a right relative afferent pupillary defect were found. Fundoscopy revealed profuse soft exudates and hemorrhages involving posterior pole, inferior hemiretina and superotemporal periphery. Infectious workup and fluoresceinic angiography were made and positive serologies for herpes virus types 1 and 2, without HIV, were found. A diagnosis of acute retinal necrosis was made and treatment with intravenous valgancyclovir for two weeks and intra-vitreous triamcinolone for severe vasculitis, was given. Then a 3 months treatment with oral antiviral agents was prescribed.
Results: Patient’s evolution showed improvement with treatment and at two and a half months of follow up, visual acuity was 20/50 in the right eye, normal slit lamp examination, tonometry of 12 mm Hg and fundoscopy improved when compared to initial pictures.
Conclusions: A high index of suspicion is needed for diagnosing ARN taking into account clinical findings. Prompt intravenous and intra-vitreous treatments are needed to achieve good clinical and functional outcomes and to avoid central nervous system complications.

Hugo Hernán Ocampo, Clínica de Oftalmología de Cali,

Cirujano de Retina y Vítreo, Clínica de Oftalmología de Cali, Colombia.

Alexánder Maximiliano Martínez, Universidad del Valle

Residente, cuarto año de Oftalmología, Sección de Oftalmología, Departamento de Cirugía, Escuela de Medicina, Facultad de Salud, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.
Ocampo, H. H., & Martínez, A. M. (2009). Acute retinal necrosis. Colombia Medica, 40(3), 323–326.


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