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Background: new conceptions of the world have focused on restructuring health policies and designing a new healthcare model.
Objective: to reflect on the humanization policy as part of health promotion with emphasis on nursing care.
Content: The article mentions paradigm changes and refers to the biomedical model and the new condition of diversity in models of care practices for health promotion and co-responsibility of nursing in generating and sustaining the humanization of nursing care. It rethinks strategies and commitment to co-responsibility by nursing staff in promoting population health. Participation of nurses in promoting humanization care has shown signs of development in its acceptance, bonding healthcare service professionals and its users. An interview-conversation as a strategy for collecting information is highlighted, whether to care or to research based on a humanization framework.
Conclusions: Sensitive listening, modality of dialogue, and the conversational interview method are relationship techniques and means to acquire skills for policy development in humanizing care in health promotion.
Trentini, M., Paim, L., & Vásquez, M. L. (2011). Social responsibility of nursing in policies of health humanization. Colombia Medica, 42(2 supl 1), 95–102.


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Received 2011-07-26
Accepted 2011-07-26