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The General Health Social Security System plays a double function in terms of healthcare and formation of its human talent. A historical relationship exists globally between healthcare systems and systems of higher education in health. In Colombia, this relationship has been regulated by the ministries of National Education and Health and Social Protection, not without articulation difficulties. In fact, any situation that affects the healthcare system will necessarily affect the quality of the formation of its human talent in the sector. The country began, with Legislation 100 of 1993, a healthcare insurance model seeking to accomplish universal coverage. Currently, over 90% of the population has some form of insurance and due to pressure from the Constitutional Court the two main regimes have the same benefits plan, although with different values of the capitation payment unit (CPU). Although it has been recognized that the vulnerable population now has more access to healthcare services and that currently a quality assurance system is in place, it is also true that unacceptable inequities exist according to the people’s payment capacity; we have lost the vision of public health, which must organize the system as a whole and there is no effective intervention of the healthcare social determinants.
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