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Introduction: For six and a half decades, the School of Nursing at Universidad del Valle has been involved in multiple searches on the perspective of constructing and projecting a socially committed exercise in the profession. This article seeks to expose the processes, reflections, and actions having to do with the discipline’s development as a central concern of the School, as well as to also declare the future responsibilities presented by complex and inescapable challenges.
The challenge of the disciplinary development in the School of Nursing: We sought to guide the conceptual development in Nursing through the production and validation of knowledge appertaining to the discipline and of the professional practice substantiated on Human Care, via the development of three areas: formation of professors, students, and healthcare professionals; development of research in alliance with healthcare services to facilitate innovation in Nursing Care, and the implementation of Nursing Service Models based on Human Care.
How is the future perceived: Management of this project has led to understanding that the process of disciplinary reflection goes beyond a project and involves a more ambitious wager than a School Plan; i.e., it will have to become a Government Plan without overlooking that what is important is to challenge the discipline and that this implies a real impact on the care offered in health services by Nursing professionals.
Argote, L. Ángela, Burbano, C., Santamaría, C., & Vásquez, M. L. (2011). Disciplinary development: the reason for being, sensing, thinking, and doing in nursing. Colombia Medica, 42(2 supl 1), 78–85.


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Received 2011-07-26
Accepted 2011-07-26